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Just as an individual with Anorexia Nervosa is starved for food, they are also starved for other emotional needs that have gone unmet through the course of their illness. They are often very disconnected from their feelings, their bodies, their environment and all of the support in their lives. Emotions, especially challenging feelings such as anger, sadness and fear feel very overwhelming, and the individual does not feel safe to express those emotions outwardly.       


The symptoms of anorexia provide a sense of control through the rules and routines around food and exercise. Treatment must focus on allowing the individual to feel safe in identifying and expressing the underlying issues and emotions that led to the development of their eating disorder. 

Adults and teens diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa can exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Restricting intake below what is appropriate for their needs

  • Failing to maintain a weight that is appropriate for their height and age

  • Disturbance in body image                                                                                                                                     

There are two types of Anorexia Nervosa- Purging and Non-Purging Type

Individuals may struggle with any of the following:                                                                               

  • Rigidity around food/food rules

  • Eliminating certain types of foods or food groups

  • Dieting, “clean eating,” and obsessing about the calories or fat content in food

  • Amenorrhea: for teens and women who have reached menses, loss or change in period

  • Depression, apathy, isolation

  • Anxiety

  • Change in sleep patterns

  • Change in social activities

  • Excessive exercise or rigidity with exercise, such as engaging in exercise even when sick or injured

  • Loss of hair, changes in skin, constant sensation of being cold                                 



Each individual has unique issues that they are facing. I offer specialized treatment designed to teens and adults in the Kansas City area with Anorexia heal physically and emotionally. My approach is tailored to start where you are, and meet your unique needs in our work together.

Learn more about my philosophy and approach

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