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“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” -Brene Brown

My Philosophy and Approach


I know that the therapy process requires you to be vulnerable, which is hard. I have deep respect for my clients as they allow themselves to be vulnerable and brave in discovering themselves again…in discovering the parts of themselves that have been hidden by the eating disorder, anxiety, depression or traumatic experiences.

My goal is to help you find joy in things. Meaning and purpose are vital focuses in the therapy process. The eating disorder creates meaning and purpose, however these are inauthentic for the individual.

My approach is tailored to start where you are, and meet your unique needs in our work together. Our work together is integrative, insight-oriented, using psychodynamic approaches to understand how the past has shaped you, emotionally and relationally. Other approaches including Acceptance and Commitment therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, can be vital in helping you reconnect to yourself and your true values.

Often talking alone is very difficult for clients, so I draw on my training as a music therapist to connect to issues and emotions experientially. Many of my adolescent clients find art, music and writing are “safer” avenues to begin our work together in understanding themselves.

The eating disorder is a puzzle, and together we uncover and understand each piece of the puzzle -- the role that it served in your life. It has met needs for you. It may have even felt like it saved your life in many ways. Together, our work will be about understanding it’s meaning, so we help you find other ways of meeting those needs.

I encourage you to check out the resources on my website. If you feel that I could be the right partner for your recovery journey, you can contact me to learn more about getting started.

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